Main Aim(s) of the Unit:

The Unit provides an understanding of negotiating concepts and techniques. It sets out a framework for how negotiators can plan and deliver negotiating strategies in national and international contexts.

Main topics of study:

The Global Negotiating Imperative

  • Emergence of a Global Economy
  • Multitude of International Business Arrangements
  • Significance of International Negotiating Skills

Negotiating in any Language

  • How Negotiations Work
  • Negotiating Defined
  • Importance of Win-Win
  • Stages of Negotiation
  • Planning your Negotiation
  • Closing a Deal

Global Negotiations

  • What Makes Global Negotiations Different
  • Cultural Factors
  • Regional Differences
  • Gender Issues

World Class Negotiating Strategies

  • Negotiating Strategies

Problems Faced by International Negotiators

  • Key Problems

Negotiating Around the World

  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Asia & the Pacific Rim
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Unit

On completion of this Unit learners will have:

  1. Understood the dynamics of global negotiations.
  2. Understood the distinguishing features and characteristics of global negotiations.
  3. Understood the key strategies in global business negotiations.
  4. Understood the key challenges likely to be encountered by international business negotiators.
  5. Understood the application of negotiating strategies in international regions.

Learning and teaching strategies used to enable the achievement of learning outcomes:

Learning should take place on a number of levels, principally through lectures, but centres should also encourage seminars, presentation and class discussion, including review and analysis of current issues.

Formal lectures should provide a foundation of information on which the student builds through directed learning and self managed learning outside the class.

Assessment methods which enable student to demonstrate the learning outcomes for the Unit:

Written examination: 3 hours duration 100%

Reading List

Main Text:

How to Negotiate Anything with Anyone Anywhere Around the World - F Acuff [0-8144-7950-2] (American Management Association)

Guideline for Teaching and Learning Time

50 hours: Lectures / Seminars / Tutorials / Workshops
Lectures/ Seminars/Tutorials/Workshops – tutorial support includes feedback on assignments and may vary from college to college according to local needs and wishes

50 hours: Directed learning
Directed Learning –advanced reading, research and preparation, background reading, group study and portfolio

100 hours: Self managed learning
Self managed learning – working through the course text, use of the web, Interaction with other students.